President / Partner
Leaving a successful partnership in Paris in 1996, Galal Mahmoud established GMA in Beirut the same year. Beginning from scratch, Mahmoud’s creative vision, well-studied and integrated approach and multi-cultural awareness has earned the bureau regional influence and growing international recognition in just 10 years.

Born in Beirut in 1959, Galal's childhood was vividly strewn with lots of fond memories that somehow defined his desire for rootedness. Still, due to obvious safety reasons, when the Mahmouds left Beirut in 1976, they left nothing behind there.


It is in Paris at Ecole d'Architecture de Versailles Paris - Architecte D.P.L.G. that Galal was initiated to the art of architecture from 1980-1986. Soon after graduation, he joined Jean Pierre Heim, for a period spanning from1987-1996.


The mid-90’s in Lebanon were an exciting time. The feverish pace of reconstruction after decades of conflict meant there was a lot to be done. Architects and interior designers were in demand and their services were at a premium. Though returning to Lebanon meant starting from scratch, thanks to a decade’s worth of experience and a portfolio of international projects under his belt, Galal soon found he had more work than he could handle. Amongst them was his first major commission following his return: the Crown Plaza hotel project in West Beirut’s Hamra neighborhood, and three landmark restaurant designs: Circus, Noodle and AJA.


Success was soon at the rendez-vous, and  a growing reputation around the Levantine region ensured GMA a sturdy position amongst the heavy weights.


Galal also Juried the marina competition in solider as a Juror member, in 2002. All the while invited for speeches and lectures in public areas or universities. it is with constant growth that Galal established GM Architects in Abu Dhabi in 2006.